Session 17


7th October 2015


Session Notifications

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  1. Prorogation Order of the 17th Session
    9th October 2015 | No.PAP/Legis-1(65)/2015/1283
  2. Press Release for 17th Session
    8th October 2015 | October, 08, 2015
  3. Summoning Order of 17th Session
    2nd October 2015 | No.PAP/Legis-1(65)/2015/1278
  4. Allotment of Question Days for 17th Session
    2nd October 2015 | نمبر: ص الف پ /ش س۔(6)/14/6597

Session Schedule

Session Schedule Not Available.


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  1. Oct 8
  2. Oct 7

Panel of Chairmen

PP-42 (Khushab-IV) | Khushab
Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)
Age: 69 Years
PP-244 (Dera Ghazi Khan-V) | Dera Ghazi Khan
Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)
PP-291 (Rahimyar Khan-VII) | Rahimyar Khan
Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)
W-355 | Reserved Seats
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Age: 53 Years

Summary of Proceedings

Summary of Proceedings Not Available.